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Choosing Among the Best Criminal Law FirmsChoosing Among the Best Criminal Law Firms

When searching for a criminal law firm, there are many factors to consider including experience and specialties. But, the most important factor is how well the solicitor will represent you in your case. The best solicitors will be honest and understand your circumstances and are willing to work with you on an overarching strategy for the case. They will also be practical and not give false hope and optimism about your chances of acquittal.

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Among the top Melbourne criminal law firms, Haitch Convey provides defence for clients facing all kinds of charges, from minor to serious. The team can represent you at all stages of the legal process, from police interviews to court appearances. They have experience in dealing with DUI cases, drug crimes, robbery, theft, assault and battery, domestic violence, and traffic offences.

They have represented thousands of cases ranging from DUIs to murder, and they can help you navigate the legal system to get the results you need.