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About Kenneth Knight

Kenneth Knight is a music industry veteran who has been working in the business for more than two decades. He is currently employed at Chelsea Records, a leading independent record label based in London.

Kenneth began his career as an A&R assistant at Sony Music in the mid-90s. While there, he signed and developed artists such as Coldplay, The Verve, and David Bowie. His eye for talent helped to shape the sound of British pop music for years to come. After leaving Sony, Kenneth moved on to EMI Music where he worked with bands such as Oasis and Radiohead.

In 2004, Kenneth joined Chelsea Records as Head of A&R. He quickly rose through the ranks to become their Vice President of Talent and Artist Development. Since then, he has been responsible for signing and developing some of their biggest acts including Florence + The Machine, Sia and Adele. He also manages relationships with producers, songwriters, and other industry professionals that help bring new artists to life.

Kenneth’s success can be seen in the success of his artists; many have achieved critical acclaim and commercial success both domestically and abroad. His knowledge, experience, and dedication to his craft can be felt throughout the entire music industry today.

Kenneth has also had great success away from the record label. He is an active speaker at music industry events and has been featured in publications such as Music Business Worldwide, Billboard Magazine, and Rolling Stone. His unique insight into the music business has helped to shape the way many artists approach their career path.

Kenneth is a well-respected figure in the music industry, having worked with some of the biggest and most influential names. He has been able to utilize his expertise to help push artists to reach their full potential. His keen ear for talent has allowed him to identify emerging acts and bring them into the spotlight, while his experience in A&R has enabled him to nurture and develop stars into even bigger successes.