Chelsea Records Recreation 13 Relaxation Spots in Downtown Vancouver

13 Relaxation Spots in Downtown Vancouver

Between housing prices and inflation, real estate taxes and the climate emergency, and a world that feels like it’s spiralling out of control, vancouver spa can get a little overwhelmed. But luckily, this city is just as good at relaxing as it is partying—and that means there are plenty of ways to chill out. From facials and mani-pedis to surreally serene sound-bathing and cedar tub soaks, here are 13 ways to find your inner peace in a city that loves to pamper.

Do you shower after a spa?

Indulge with a two-hour treatment here, and be sure to choose calming music from their curated playlist (ocean sounds are a top pick).

A hidden sanctuary in the industrial heart of East Vancouver, Circle Wellness Spas offers a fusion of ancient wellness rituals and modern technology. Their Heated Stone Experience is not to be missed; lay back on river stones embedded with a radiant heating system and allow the deep skin-to-stone connection to bring you back to center.

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